dr. Elena Arsova



dr. Elena Arsova



trichologist and the CEO of Hair Clinic Balkan

Dr. Elena Arsova, is a trichologist and the CEO of Hair Clinic Balkan, with work experience of 15 years in the field of trichology.
Based on her knowledge, experience and continued education, dr Elena has implemented new methods for hair regrowth, advanced the diagnostic methods and set new medical protocols for the treatments.

Dr. Elena is the first doctor in Europe that applied Scalp Threading as a treatment for hair growth stimulation. Not only did she applied the method in hair restoration, but she also upgraded and advanced it. She has invented new techniques of performing the threading on the scalp, and created protocols for combining scalp threading with other treatment modalities. Her comprehensive treatment systems, result with 50 to 100% of hair regrowth in her patients.

The upcoming clinical study regarding the application of scalp threading in alopecia androgenetica patients, will show the scientific results of this treatment and the significance of her extensive practical work in the field of trichology.

She is a member of the European Hair Research Society, Ukrainian Hair Research Society and Russian Hair Research Society, International Dermoscopy Society and World Trichology Society. Her membership in the societies, is of priceless value for continuous education and opening horizons for new treatment possibilities that will be beneficial for the patient.

Dr. Elena Arsova Hair Therapy

On the topic of scalp threading, dr Arsova will be the Keynote speaker at the WTS symposium. Dr Arsova is also the Key Opinion Leader on scalp threading for Mint company and is their Certified Trainer .

The trichology education at Zhangguang Institute of Hair research in Beijing, gave dr Elena knowledge in the eastern medicine approach in diagnostics and treatment of hair loss. And she has a Higher Associate Trichology Diploma from WTS.

Except the theoretical knowledge, through these cooperations, the 15 year practical work with patients is of great importance, not only because of the gained knowledge in implementation of different diagnostic and terapeutic methods, but also in understanding the patient on psychological and emotional level and understanding the needs and wishes of the patients.

Dr. Elena has created Scalp Threading web site, as a sublimation of knowledge and experience in hair regrowth treatment methods with the goal to share the best diagnostic, nonsurgical and surgical treatments for hair that are currently available in the world. Educational and practical courses are made available for all the trichologists and doctors interested in implementing new treatment options in their practices. Dr. Elena’s goal is to also ensure that patient all around the world get the best treatments, and get their full head of hair back.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.