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Dr. Elena Arsova

Trichologist and the CEO of Hair Clinic Balkan

Few dermatologic problems carry as much emotional overtones as hair loss, both in men and women. That is why there is a growing demand among the patients to seek treatment, not only to prevent the existing hair loss but more so to regain new hair with good thickness and density. New treatment options, like PDO Scalp Threading, Autologous Micro-grafts, PRP, CIT, GHK peptides that act on stem cells, signalling molecules and pathways have great effect on hair regrowth and are supported by literature and clinical study.

PDO Scalp Threading is a type of dermal needle therapy, and is defined as inserting thread into skin of the head, for the purpose of prolonged therapeutic stimulation. PDO threads are surgical sutures attached to needles with different dimensions that allow for that insertion of the thread. After the insertion, the threads stay in situ in the scalp skin and the needles are withdrawn.

Dr. Elena Arsova is the first doctor in Europe that applied Scalp Threading as a treatment for hair growth stimulation. Not only did she applied the method in hair restoration, but she also upgraded and advanced it. She has invented new techniques of performing the threading on the scalp, and created protocols for combining scalp threading with other treatment modalities. Applying her comprehensive treatment systems, results with 50 to 100% of hair regrowth in the hair loss patients.



Dr Elena Arsova, is a trichologist and hair researcher, with 15 years of work experience in the field of trichology. She is also the owner of Hair Clinic Balkan, her trichology clinic in Belgrade. She is a member of the European Hair Research Society, Ukrainian Hair Research Society and Russian Hair Research Society, Eastern Europe and Asia Hair Research Society, International Dermoscopy Society and World Trichology Society.

Based on her knowledge, experience and continued education, dr Elena has implemented new methods for hair regrowth, advanced the diagnostic methods and set new medical protocols for the treatments.

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