Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is one of the most common types of hair loss with complex genetic predisposition. Besides genetics, external factors may also be important for the development of FPHL. Female pattern hair loss usually manifests as slowly progressive hair thinning, mainly over the vertex and upper parietal scalp, the frontal hairline is often spared and the miniaturization is also not as severe as in men.

Yanhua Yi and authors, in their study investigated the association between the severity of FPHL and behavioral factors which include dietary, and sleep habits, and tested the hypothesis on whether ponytail hairstyle is an independent factor that increases the risks of being more severe on the FPHL scale.

Their conclusion is that avoiding alcohol consumption and ponytail hairstyles, in combination with proper control of scalp oil, improve sleep quality with sufficient time may help prevent FPHL from deteriorating to the more severe type.