Tele trihoscopy

The convergence of science and technology in our dynamic digital era has resulted in the development of innovative digital health devices that allow easy and accurate characterization in health and disease. Technological advancements and the miniaturization of diagnostic instruments to modern smartphone-connected and mobile health (mHealth) and lab-on-a-chip technologies have led to increasing enthusiasm for patient care with promises to decrease healthcare costs and to improve outcomes.
Perhaps one benefit of suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic will be the establishment of a new virtual medical world order, and that telemedicine has taken its deserving place in health care: prime time and a center stage.


Teletrichology is the provision of trichology services at a distance, using technology; it improves the efficiency of high-quality care by moving patient information instead of the patient themselves.
Teletrichology describes the use of telecommunication platforms to interact with hair disorder patients remotely and to select patients who need in‐person consultation for diagnostic or therapeutical procedures. Teletrichology is excellent for both initial and follow‐up examinations of patients with different types of hair loss including telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and scarring alopecia. With teletrichology, dermatologist can effectively evaluate patients by instructing them to perform the pull/tug tests, measure thickness of the ponytail, measure distance from the hairline to the glabella and show daily/shampoo hair shedding.

Teletrichoscopy is performed by instructing patients to use smartphone applications or inexpensive imaging attachments. Patients can then, safely, take images and share with their dermatologist. Low‐cost or even free applications for macrophotography are available for both Apple and Android devices. Successful teletrichology requires clear patient instruction on how to properly obtain the appropriate instruments/software and how to take useful images.

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