Human hair is constantly subjected to repeated environmental assaults, commonly termed weathering, which is aggravated by various extrinsic damages. Extrinsic factors which cause weathering include sunlight, water, dust, friction, hair combing, cosmetic hair treatments such as hair dyeing or permanent waving. These factors cause extrinsic hair shaft aging in addition to natural intrinsic hair shaft aging .

Among the natural aggressors, sunlight in particular, ultraviolet (UV) rays play an important role in hair aging and hair damage. During summer, as a result of sunexposure, the hair becomes lighter in color, and changes that impair the softness and shine of hair occur in the surface condition. Hence light modifies the cosmetic properties of hair. However, acute hair loss due to UVR has been described in clinical observation.

Hair and scalp, therefore need to be protected from light suggests Dr Elena Arsova. Although it is not immediately perceived, UV damage to hair fibers plays an integral role in the overall aspects of hair damage. Wear a hat or scarf on zour head to protect the hair form the UVR. Also apply sunscreen on the hairline or on the balding spot for the purpose of protecting the hair follicle damage.