Scalp threading is a type of dermal needle therapy, and is defined as inserting thread into skin of the head, for the purpose of prolonged therapeutic stimulation.

Embedded threads have a constant mechanical or chemical stimulatory effect on the subcutaneous tissues beneath skin. Recently, threading has received great attention as a cosmetic procedure in the belief that it has potential to promote connective-tissue regeneration. Threading has been reported to facilitate collagen synthesis, thereby lifting facial tissues and improving skin elasticity and moisture . Additionally, the regenerative potential of  threading on connective tissue has been shown to stimulate the hair regrowth.

Threads are surgical sutures made of materials used in surgery to close wounds. Threads are attached to needles with different dimensions that allow for that insertion of the thread. After the insertion, the threads stays in situ in the skin and the needles is withdrawn.

Threads actually increase the hair thickness of the existing hairs by enhancing the proliferations of cells in the hair matrix. They also activate  the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle which means they promote new hair growth. Threads moreover act on anagen development and maintenance of hair growth which means that they support the new hair growth.